Songs of Domination, By CD Reiss


This is not a stand-alone!!!  But it does answer some questions from the first 3 books!
    When we meet Jessica, we know that she is Jonathan’s ex-wife, and that she is a bored woman who creates art as something to do.  When she approaches Monica, and explains to her that Jonathan can be rough, we all started to wonder what really happened during that visit.
This is a short story, and it describes what had happened that night.  We will finally be able to find the truth out, and we learn who was telling the truth.
It was a great short, which detailed parts that we were left wondering about.  And it helps to give a little insight into Jonathan’s head.
    Sharon was the woman who Jonathan use to “play” with.  But did he actually break things off with her when he said that he did?  Or did he just say that so that Monica would want to stay with him?
What is Jonathan like when it comes to an actual trained submissive?  And will he be willing to give up one of the constants in his life to be with Monica?
Read this and find out!
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