Red’s Tour Schedule!

Hey Everyone!!  To make things easier, we have included the tour schedule for the different blogs that Red will be visiting during her tour!! 

There are many different things that will be taking place on all the blogs, so feel free to check out as many or as few of them as you want!
Monday’s Blogs:
Books, Shoes and Food’s Blog (Contains Part 1 of the Secret Scene!)
Tuesday’s Blogs:
Crystal’s Many Reviews Blog (Contains Part 2 of the Secret Scene!)
Wednesday’s Blogs:
Ana’s Attic Blog  (Contains Part 3 of the Secret Scene!)
Thursday’s Blogs:
Stephanie’s Book Reports Blog (Contains Part 4 of the Secret Scene!)
Friday’s Blogs:
Twinsie Talk’s Blog(Contains Part 5 of the Secret Scene!)
If you click on the names of the Blogs, it will take you to their site!
Thank you for following Red’s Tour!