Red Gone Bad, By Lucy Pireel

     There are many different ways that a story can be told.  Especially when it comes to the old fairy tales.  Everyone knows about Little Red Riding Hood, or do they?  Or what about Cinderella, or Rumpelstiltsken? 
     Who would have thought that Cinderella was capable of committing the crimes that she did, or even better yet, how did Rumpelstiltsken make sure that nobody would ever be able to know his name again?
     Reading Lucy’s version of these stories, definitely gave a new twist on things.  I really enjoyed the different things that she thought of to add make these fairy tales her own.  These stories still had the “basic” parts of the original fairy tales, yet they are twisted in such a way that it makes you wonder!
     Even though these stories are short, I really did enjoy the length of them.  The stories were the right length to keep you interested, yet not too long that you would get lost in the details.  To me, there was the perfect amount of fairy tale, and twisted.  I would definitely recommend this book to my friends.
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