Reburn, By Anne Marsh

   A very hot firefighter and an FBI agent couldn’t have that much in common.  Except for that summer that happened 10 years ago.  Sam has never forgotten Olivia, or forgotten that she had never written him back.   Doing a tour in the Marines, he is now doing what he loves the most, being a Forest Ranger.  A chance meeting in the middle of a forest fire sparks more flames than just the fire burning around them.

Olivia could never forget Sam either, even with the years that have passed.  Working for the FBI has given her great joy in her life, but something is missing.  When she sees Sam again, she can tell that the feelings she had for him have just multiplied.  But nothing could happen during the middle of a forest fire…. Right?

I gotta say I am a sucker for firefighters; there is just something about them that’s just amazing to read their stories!  Anne was able to write the fire scenes in such a way that it was almost as if you could feel the fire coming off the pages.  I did also enjoy how the fire did have such a part in the book, because sometimes when you read a book about firefighters, you don’t get to read about the fires they put out.

Sam’s character was very well written, Anne wrote enough about his past in the Marines and his love of the forest that you could tell why he loved his job.  However, in my opinion, when it came to Olivia’s character, there were some spots that could have been done better.  She brought up the fact that Olivia is “She was a decent tracker, an excellent bomb technician, and a trained psychologist.”  Anne mentioned those facts but she doesn’t really mention why she chose that profession.

This was a good read though if you like firefighters and being able to watch the fires take place.  I will read more into the series to come!


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