Pulled, By Danielle Bannister

            Everyone has heard of soul mates, how your second half is out there, and when you finally find them  everything you have went through will make complete sense; how they will complete you.  But the thing that some people do not think about is your twin flame?  What will happen when you finally find them again?  Will you be ready for them, or will you lose them again, like you might have in your past lives?
            Having suffered through losing her parents, Naya begins to believe she isn’t worth love.  Her longtime  boyfriend Seth abuses and drugs her to get her to do what he wants.  When in fact all she wants is to feel loved.
She wasn’t expecting to meet Etash, and she certainly wasn’t expecting the reaction that she had when she saw him.
Unable to understand what was happening, and only knowing that she wanted to be around him, touching him, constantly she tries to break free from Seth.
            After Etash’s grandmother came to live with him and his mother, she had told him about his Twin Flame.  How he was waiting for her to come to him, and that she would.  Not believing her until he sees Naya, and the reaction that he has towards her.  He finally agrees that his grandmother must be right.  Taking a chance and hoping that Naya will have him, the truth about the past comes out.  But will their flame burn brightly, or will the ice put it out.
            “Twin Flames often confused with Soul Mates, which are believed to be souls we have met and lived with for many lifetimes as lovers, mothers, fathers, friends and other close people in one’s lives.  Twin Flames or Twin Rays, however, are believed to be the other half of your soul.
It is thought, by some, that when your soul enters the “physical world”, it divides in half: one part male, one part female.  Each half of the soul can then spend an eternity searching for its other half.  Neither half feeling whole until its flame is found.”
            When reading this book, at first I was confused because of the way Danielle would switch back and forth  between Naya and Etash’s perspectives, it seemed like it was moving too much for me.  After getting pulled into the story though, it ended up working out.  I was able to see both sides of the story as it was happening.  I really liked how this wasn’t a normal romance, yes there is a romance aspect to the story, but it was more about helping heal.
            The strength of emotions that Danielle was able to give to both Naya and Etash was so amazing.  The feelings and emotions that they were both going through was so well written that it was almost as though I could feel the pain they both felt.  I also liked how when it came to Seth’s character, even before finding out the way that he
treated Naya, it was as though I had the chills when he was present in the story.
            I think that Danielle was able show the different feelings that Naya, Etash and Seth were having without adding the extra details that could end up confusing a reader.  I liked how in the blurb for the book, she also adds that Seth is Naya’s abuser, and when she describes it in the book, she doesn’t over do the details.  There is enough there that you can understand what Naya has went through, without giving too much details to gross you out.
            This is the first book that I have read from Danielle, but I will be reading more from her in the future!
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