Payback, By Lori Toland

                What starts out as a prank ends up going wrong, or in Andre and Mel’s case, perfectly right?  Things seem too good to be true when Andre realizes that Mel wants him as much as he wants her.  Crushing after her since he was a teenager, he can’t believe his luck when he shows up at her place and finds her dressed to kill.  What started out as a prank to get back at Andre, Mel can’t believe it when she realizes that he wants her.
                Surely after finally accepting their feelings they can have a great future now right?  Or will Mel’s brother end their relationship?
                When I started this book, I couldn’t believe at first that either Mel or Andre could recognize that they each had feelings for each other.  But then I think back on my younger years, and realize that it happens a lot!
                I really enjoyed the way that Andre’s character was written; you could tell that he truly cared about his family and Mel’s family.  His concern for Mel when it came to her brother showed how much he worried that her family wouldn’t accept them as a couple.  I really enjoyed Mel’s attitude, especially when it came to her brother.
                I liked the family aspect in this story because it showed what a family is like; especially when it comes to a sister dating a brother’s best friend.  I also enjoyed how even though the family members were not a huge aspect in this story, Lori still took the time to describe them so that you had an insight into the family.
                This was a great start to a series about the Firehouse and I can’t wait to read more from the firefighters!
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