Love Never Ends, By Robin Lynn Wildes

     After a seemingly perfect start to their marriage, Larson Evans couldn’t have been more surprised when he returned to the hospital to pick up his wife and his newborn daughter.  Just to find out that his wife had left, without a note.  Without any ideas where she could have gone, Larson did the only thing that he could do, started making a life for him and his daughter.


     Having to leave Larson and her newborn was horrible to Margo, but she didn’t have a choice.  It took 8 years to be  able to escape her family and start out on her own.  The one thing she wanted, to be with Larson again, she didn’t think that she could have.  Starting over in a town where nobody knew her, she was able to keep tabs on Larson and her daughter through Nikki, Larson’s sister.


     A chance trip to a town reunites Larson and Margo, but when the case he is working on leads to his daughter’s  kidnapping, will they be able to fight together to get her back?  Or even more, will Lexie be able to forgive her mother for walking away 16 years ago?
     One thing I really enjoyed about this book was Robin was able to keep the suspense going as to why Margo left  her husband and child.  She was able to use the suspense enough that there was just the right amount happening.  The character development was well done in my opinion; you could actually see the concern that the different family members had towards each other.
     My one “complaint” about this book would be when Larson and Margo meet each other again.  It was almost as though they were more about having sex with each other than talking first.  Now don’t get me wrong, I do completely understand true love, and how I would react if I saw mine after 16 years.  But I would also have questions for them.
     But besides that fact, I did enjoy this book.  It was a very easy read, and I will be sure to check out the next book in the series when it is released.  This is what I consider a rainy day read.  It is happy romance, with just the right amount of drama and suspense in it.
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