Kiss Me, Curse Me By Kate Shay

This is a story of a kiss–a simple kiss. . . and a boy. . . and a girl.It’s the Great Depression, but you would barely know it in Dam Town. The building of the great Carnee Dam has brought money, men, and mischief into an otherwise seemingly quiet desert community.

Ahanu is an outcast, born into a culture that despises him. He is Native American, of the land, a free spirit. If he wasn’t in love with a girl that was already taken, maybe he could spend his days in the forest just as he pleases, but life isn’t that simple.

Coreen is on a path to nowhere, dating the typical boy, and doing as her father always asks, or that’s how it appears. On one moonlit night, her fate becomes entwined in an old curse unlocked by the boy of her dreams–true love–Ahanu.

This curse is old and it will have its way, it will do its damage.

                When I first started reading this book, I was really excited because I do enjoy reading books about the Great Depression.  This book has a completely different aspect of how towns were affected by what had happened.  I enjoyed how the Indian’s were brought into this story as well as the “regular” townspeople.
                The story in this book was based upon an Indian myth, which I thought that part was written very well.  The myth was explained in a way that you could understand it to a degree and sort out what was happening next.
                One thing that I didn’t like in this book was how it seemed to jump from character to character.  There were parts of this book where I was confused as to what was going on because it had switched to another part of the town and what was happening there.  Another part that confused me was about the wolf myth.  What exactly was going on with that and why did Ahanu become one with the wolf?
                I am hoping that in the second book, these questions will be answered.  All in all, I do have to say that I am glad that I was able to read this book and I can’t wait for more in the story.
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