Killing Matt Cooper, By John Cassian

A harrowing and erotic glimpse through the eyes of a serial killer, “Killing Matt Cooper” is a first-person account of the love that drives a monster. “Killing Matt Cooper’s” unnamed narrator
chronicles a maelstrom of misogyny, violence, and fantasy — all the things that he believes will lead him back to his Love.
In all my time reading, I was unsure if I would ever “willingly” read a book such as this.  This book is written from the perspective of a serial killer.  It details how he started on this path in his life, the way he picks his victims, and what happens after he finally gets a hold of the women he chooses.
                When an author writes a book such as this, there are two ways that it can be written, either in a very gruesome way, or a way that you can’t put the book down because you want to find out what happens next.  In the case of this book, the author John wrote it in a way that you wanted to find out what happened.  It was almost as though you got sucked into the story.
                This was a very well written book, especially considering the topic of the book.  I would recommend it to anyone who is into the Murder/Mystery genre.


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