Immortal Craving, By Magen McMinimy

                There is nothing worse than believing that the person you loved more than anything betrayed you.  But how do you move on after that happens?  If you’re like Kale, you enjoy the taste of tequila a little more and watch people beat the hell out of each other.  Believing for years that Katarina had died, he has never opened his heart to another woman.
                Katarina believed that Kale had abandoned and betrayed her.  When she finally was free, she tried her best to help her friends who escaped with her survive without drawing attention to themselves.  But one of them has been causing issues; one has been causing murders and its Kale that is on the trail of finding the Fae responsible.
                When Katarina and Kale finally meet again, will they be able to understand the past, or will they both end up walking away?
                You can’t go wrong with a Warrior who loves wrestling, that’s the plain truth about it!  I am a fan of series, and I couldn’t wait for this book to come out.  It was completely worth the wait, in my opinion.
                One thing that Magen does that I completely enjoy, is when she creates her characters, even though they have these superpowers, she makes them life like.  She includes details like the love of wrestling into the stories.  The characters aren’t “holier than thou”, they are real.  While reading Kale’s story, when he was thinking about the past, you could tell how upset he was and how heartbroken he was.  Katarina is the same way, she tried to move on from what happened, but she knew that there was something about Kale that kept her coming back.
                I enjoyed how with this book, she brought back the characters from the previous book as well.  By bringing back Izzy and Bain, she was able to draw the stories together, but keep them separate as well.  You could find out what was going on with everyone else, yet it didn’t take away from Kale and Katarina.
                All in all, I completely enjoyed reading this book and I can’t wait for the next book in the series.
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