Green Eyes and Good Hair, By Hugh O. Smith

When a battle of wits starts, who will win?  Will it be Tony the playboy, or Olivia the woman who knows the games that men play?  Tony is your typical playboy; he won’t have anything to do with a woman who is above a size 4.  All he wants is to have fun with no attachments.  Olivia is a woman who is completely comfortable with her curves and plans on teaching Tony a lesson.
But what will happen if they both are taught a lesson that neither of them were looking for?
First off, one thing that I did completely enjoy about this book was that Olivia was a bigger woman.  But it wasn’t a central part of the book, you knew what she looked like and that was it.
I really liked that there wasn’t a lot of attention put on her body, because there is more to her than just that.
I LOVED watching the playboy fall to his knees.  That was awesome!!!  As for that part also, I’m very glad that Hugh thought to include that Tony did try to have “relations” with another
woman and he had his “issues”.  By including that part into the story, it showed that Tony did actually have feelings towards Olivia and he wasn’t just thinking with his “parts”.
I also loved the fact that Olivia was completely comfortable with her body and she didn’t care what anyone else thought about it.  Her being successful was based upon her work and not just her looks.  It was fun reading about her trying to resist Tony, but realizing that she didn’t want to be without him.
All in all, I was completely happy with this book and I enjoyed it immensely!!  I can’t wait to read more from Hugh in the future.
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