Elementals — Earth & Water, By Kristi Creme

Jade was following the rumors about her grandfather and his book of power when she found the old mansion. Within was only madness and demons. The house would not let her out, and the demons grew closer. Their arms reached out for her.
When she jumped from the third floor window to escape the demons Core caught her. He explained how Jade could save him–could save them all–with her body.** Warning: This book contains graphic sexual situations and implausible sexual positions **

                Although this is a short story, if you are looking for a hot steamy read, then this is for you!  There are demons, spirits and of course sex in this book.  With the way that Kristi described the appearance of the characters, it was almost as though you could see them standing in front of you.
                I don’t want to give too much away from the story, but just for a heads up! There is M/F, F/F/F, voyeurism, and toys used in this book!
               My only complaint about this book would be, I was left wondering what exactly it was Jade’s grandfather was doing!
                I can’t wait to read the next book in the series!
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