Elementals — Air & Fire By Kristi Creme

                When we first meet Jade, she had went to the house and found out that she has to have sex with the elements in order to get the demons to leave her grandfather’s house.  We met Earth and Water in the first book, and now we get to meet Air and Fire.  
But the question still remains, who is Core and why is he helping Jade?  And how did the demons get into the house to start with?  Or even more, will Jade finally be able to free the house or will the demons succeed in killing her as well?
Jade still continues on her quest to free the house, and when she meets Air, she’s in for double the surprise.  I enjoyed that as she went further along with the journey, you learn a little bit more about what happened with her grandfather.  The Air elements show her a new aspect on life, especially when they are able to use their powers to show her things that she didn’t know could happen.
Core is there for her through the journey, and when it comes time for her to meet the Fire element, she couldn’t be happier when she realizes that she finally gets her chance with Core.  As the demons continue to fight their way out, Jade gets to enjoy the fun of Core and hopefully she can please him in time.
Once again, this book is full of amazing sex scenes that will leave you wanting for more.  One thing that I have completely enjoyed with this series is that the sex scenes that do take place, there are no repeats, it’s something different with each element.  My only complaint at all when it comes to this series is the fact how short the books are.  I wish they were longer!!

**This book contains MFM Relations**
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