Eater of Eyes, By Mike Cooley

The grey stone wall to her right rose like a cliff face above her. Birds circled and cawed in the dusk as the baleful yellow sun shone through a haze; they looked like pterodactyls with outstretched,
leathery wings. To her left was a pool of water that stretched away into the fog. In the water the dark, burned trunks of logs bobbed–or were they bodies?
Dara can’t remember Dan, or the murders. Someone is stealing eyes. And there’s a monster; it lives in a wooden box.

                When I first started reading this book, it was very interesting to me.  I wanted to find out what was happening with Dara.  I had figured there was something going on Dan, and he did something to her.  And as the book went on, we found out that he did do something to her.
                There were many points at this book that I had to re-read what was written because I wasn’t sure that I completely understood what was going on.  I am still confused about what Dan did to Dara to cause her to become what she did.  As well as what the boxes originally came from, but I think that’s part of the mystery behind this book.
Overall, I think if you are into the mystery/horror books you should check the one out! It has great points and twists. Not my normal type of book, as you know, but I am glad I read it!
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