Breaking the Devil, By Bailey Bradford

book contains M/M romance**


                Hoping that the past was behind him, Mack had set up his life in the way that he knows best.  Working on the ranch has kept him busy, and gives him something to do with his time.  But the past seems to come back to haunt him, especially when he sees the new horse that he has be contracted to break.  The coloring of the horse brings back
memories that Mack had been hoping would stay buried deep.
                Justin has always regretted the way that he treated Mack, even though 12 years have passed, he hasn’t be able to forgive himself for what had happened.  But Mack doesn’t know the whole story, and Justin is hoping that he will be able to win him back, no matter the cost.
                Things seem to be going well, that is until the past comes and threatens to tear them both apart.  Will Mack ever be able to understand what caused Justin to leave?
                From what I understand about this book, it was released before, but Bailey has added more to the story and
re-released it.  With that being said, I did NOT read the original version of the book, but this version is definitely amazing.
                One thing that I completely enjoy about Bailey’s writing is how in depth she goes when she is writing about
the different characters in her stories.  Even with the minor secondary characters, she takes the time to fill out their personalities and appearances completely.  When you start reading, you are introduced to everyone, and in such a
way that even later in the book, you still know the type of person they are.
                This story is one that will tug at your heart-strings.  I am a total sucker for the forbidden lovers who find each other again books.  This one is one of my new favorites of the forbidden loves that I have read in the past year.
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