Bound, By Lucy Pireel

A young, successful woman finds herself attracted to a man who is known for his promiscuity. She has no idea he wishes to play with her the way she wants him to.
While working together, they become closer. When she dares to reveal her wishes, he only asks her if she’s  ready to say ‘please’. After she does, the games begin. But where will they end? 
     From the start of this story, you could tell that Raphael was a Dominate.  But I was unsure of if Amelia was a Submissive or not.  As the story first progressed, you could see the sparks between Amelia and Raphael.      One thing that I did really enjoy about this book was the fact that Raphael and Amelia didn’t just jump into bed together.  You could watch their relationship start out as co-workers and then slowly progress to more.  Another thing that I really enjoyed about this book is that for a brief time, you were able to see a Domme play with her sub.  That is not something that you see a lot of in BDSM type writing.
     Overall I would recommend this book to my friends!
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