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A Beautiful Liar
Maggie West has endured the worst luck: abusive relationships, cheating
husbands, an emotionally-destructive mother, a daughter’s bout with cancer, and
a slew of last-resort jobs. A natural giver, she loses herself in others to the
brink of numbness, isolation, and disillusion. However, when she joins a social
network to fight her loneliness, Maggie encounters a beautiful man – who is
full of lies. As a game, she allows herself to be willfully deceived, and in
the process, she gets wrapped into an experience that awakens her mind, body,
and sexuality in ways she never imagined possible.
                The main character in A Beautiful Liar is one that I imagine a lot of people can connect with.  Being single yet trying to find someone in this day and age a lot of people go to the internet.  But the reality is, some of the people are
                I really enjoyed how Leanna was able to put a “real life” feel on this story.  Maggie’s character was very well
written, the attention to details were well done as well.  I do have the say the sex parts of this book, were so well done that it was just wow!
                At the end of this book, I was upset with Maggie but so proud of her as well!  I can’t wait to read more of her story!
This book is
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Killing the Desire
When Rose Harlow discovers her mother’s lifeless body in a bathtub full
of bleach water, she is sent reeling for answers. Ever independent and willfully
determined, she underhandedly circumvents the police to lead her own
investigation. At the same time, the strikingly attractive detective working on
her mother’s case finds his way into her bed. But deeper into the
investigation, Rose begins to suspect she is sleeping with her mother’s killer
– and worse yet, she might even be in love with him.
                When I started reading this book, the first thought out of my mouth was “WTF”!!!!  The beginning is a part that just seems to drag you in and it makes you want to find out more.  The twists and turns that Rose is feeling during the course of this book was so well written, that you couldn’t help but want to read more.
                I really enjoy the real life aspects that Leanna puts in her book, the anger that Rose has towards her father for example.  That gives the book a more personal touch.  Just because this book has an erotic sense to it, that doesn’t mean everyone’s lives are great.
                This book has enough twists and turns that it will leave you wanting for more.  You will want to finish reading because you just have to find out what happens next!
This book is
currently $3.99 US Dollars on Amazon.
A Collection Short Stories
A collection of erotic short stories by Leanna Harrow. This collection
includes many great stories!
You’ll meet Virginia who gets out of her thirty eight year marriage the hard
way for her husband Harland. It involves a ball gag, riding crop and video

You’ll meet Dick and Jane who are just ordinary people until one day…

You’ll experience one couples “Night at the Movies” and what can
happen when you tease someone just a little too much…

There is something for everyone in this collection of wonderfully erotic and
highly descriptive tales!

                A collection of short stories is a great read for anyone who is just looking for those stories that you can read while riding in the elevator.  (As long as you don’t mind the blushing that you will have!)  I am a person who really enjoys short stories for just that time when you need or want a little pick me up.
                I would for sure recommend this to anyone who is looking for a read that will give you many ideas, as well as bring a smile to your face!
This book is
currently $3.99 US Dollars on Amazon.
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