Blood and Sand, By Elizabeth Hunter

“You have super strength, right?” She watched as he hefted a boulder the size of a Saint Bernard out of the way.   “Shouldn’t this be going faster?”


He turned, frustration evident on his dark features.  He pointed to his chest. “Water vampire.”  Then he spread out his arms. “Desert!”

Natalie bit her lip and tried not to smile.  “You’re really cute when you’re angry, George.”
                What happens when you take a nosy reporter who won’t take no for an answer and a vampire who is being forced to run his father’s night clubs?  That doesn’t normally add up to searching for a murderer, but in Natalie and Baojia’s case it does.  
               Natalie is a strong woman who does what it takes to get her story, even if it means running into trouble with her eyes closed.  Baojia has never met a woman like Natalie, but when he finds out she’s in trouble, he goes to extreme lengths to keep her safe.
                As you read into their story, you can see the mounting desire between the two of them and the fear that both of them have about that.  When they find out who is behind the murders,
will Baojia be able to protect Natalie against the people responsible?  Even if it turns out that it could be his own family behind them?
                Ever since we were first introduced to Baojia, I have had a complete soft spot for him, and have wanted to learn more about his life.  With this book, it was amazing to finally be able to learn about his past and find out why he became a vampire.  I think that Elizabeth did a great job with his back story, and developing his character even more than it was in the previous books.
                Natalie’s character was full of laughs! I have to honestly say, in the beginning I couldn’t stop laughing at some of the things she was saying or how she was acting.  (Her singing was hilarious as well!)  When it came to her finding out that vampires do exist, and even finding out that her best friend B was a vampire, she did very well with the news.  Her character was so well written, she was strong, determined and courageous; some great traits for a character to have.
                Bringing back the previous characters in the book; Gio and B, Tenzin and Ben, Carwyn and Brigid, it was funny to get to see them all again, and get semi caught up on what was going on with them.  Carwyn still gives his advice to everyone, Tenzin and Ben are still fighting with each other, and Gio was still in professor mode.
                In my opinion when Carwyn finally showed up, it seemed as though he stole the spotlight from Natalie and Baojia, but it wasn’t for that long of a time that you lost the main characters of the book altogether.
                The ending of this book, I have to say I was completely happy and shocked with!  I don’t want to say anything more because I don’t want to ruin it for everyone else, but it was just great!!
                All in all I was completely happy with this book, and I can’t wait to read more from the series to come!
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