Autumn Leaves, By Barbara Winkes

book contains F/F romance**
With one revelation, her world will shift forever.Rebecca has everything she ever dreamed of in life: a family, a beautiful home and good friends. When Callie moves into the house across the street, Rebecca is quick to welcome the young writer into the tightly-knit community of Autumn Leaves. She has no idea that Callie will confront her with a truth about herself she might not be ready to face.

All Callie wanted was to flee the big city and finish her latest book in peace, but life in the small town comes with unexpected temptation and danger.

                Right off the bat, the first thing that pops to my mind when it comes to my thoughts on this book, was that it is an amazing gentle romance; and that romance just happens to be between two women.  The story line was done well, in my opinion, Barbara was able to take a situation that does happen and make a great story about it.
                The characters were written well, you got to learn more about Rebecca’s character, her life before she had met Callie for the first time.  You could almost tell that she was settled with her life, but she wasn’t completely happy with it as well.
                Callie’s character seemed like the breath of fresh air that was needed in the community.  I loved her free spirit lifestyle, also her wanting to try to fit into the community as well.  You could tell that by her attending church because that’s what the other people did in the neighborhood.
                All in all I have to say that I was greatly pleased with this story and I would recommend it to anyone who is looking for a gentle romance that is more about the romance than the sex.
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