Alpha Male, By Mike Cooley

They meet in a graveyard, each dealing with a terrible loss. Silas is bleeding and talking to a dead girl. Melanie is crying and running her fingers over Gary’s headstone. A secret organization is chasing her. She has a gift they need. And another group, known as The Sirens, is working on a weapon that will change everything.
                There are many different twists in this book, to where you think you have it figured out, but then something happens and you have no clue what to expect next.  The different sets of characters that are introduced in this book bring enough into this book to keep you reading.  Yet they leave enough open that you want to read the next books in the series.
                Silas’s character has his dark past, one that you are given hints to during the course of this book.  There are times where you wonder if he is insane, or if he does have certain powers.  Mel’s character seems like the typical damsel in distress, but once again looks can be deceiving.
                The battle that is going on in the background between the two groups, the Sirens and the Daelius, makes you wonder who is right and who is wrong.  Which group will win, and what will it cost Silas and Mel?
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