A Rogue’s Rescue, By Donna Lea Simpson

                What starts out as a plan to
help a friend, ends up turning into something completely different.  When Miss Ariadne Lambert starts her quest to
find a husband, she had no plans on being introduced to Viscount Ingram.  But the problem was, everywhere she went, she
seemed to run into him.
           Viscount Ingram had a reputation
that caused people to want nothing to do with him.  When he sees Ariadne, something happens to
him.  He can’t seem to leave her alone,
he watches her constantly to ensure that she doesn’t get into any trouble.
                But when the Viscount discovers
the quest she is on, will he put an end to her games, or will he help her to
this book is on the shorter end of the Regency Romances, it was still a good
read.  The story line was well written
out, but to me it seemed to move slowly along. 
I already knew how the story was going to end, once I had gotten a few
chapters into it.
book has the typical regency romance aspects, the fun of being 33 years old and
considered a spinster.  How the males
raced after the women who had money, and how women weren’t taught to handle
money.  All those aspects where in this
               This is
one of the rainy day reads that I have had. 
If you are looking for a gentle romance, without all the stigma of sex
that is in modern day romances, than you should check this book out!
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