You Burn Me, By S.A. Price 3


          Being a priestess for Morrigan has caused Xxidea to remain pure for her life.  So when Morrigan gifts her with dreams of her soul mate, Xxidea starts her adventure to find him.  With only the knowledge of knowing he lives in Shadow Heights, she starts the search for him.  Even with not knowing who she was searching for, she certainly wasn’t expecting to meet Dante.
          Dante knows that he shouldn’t be with Xxidea; she’s everything that he isn’t.  Having sold his soul and being a fire demon, he doesn’t think that he deserves anyone as pure as her.  With sparks from her, and flames from him; that doesn’t stop the two of them from thinking of each other and wanting to be together.
          Can Xxidea show Dante that he is worthy of her, or will their relationship go up in flames before it completely starts?
          After reading this book, the one word that comes to mind is WOWZER!!!!  S.A. Price was able to bring the heat with this novel from start to finish.  Their ability to describe the different characters,
and give them each their own separate personalities, was so well done.  They were able to give you enough details about the character’s that it makes you want to read the rest of the series so you could find out what happened to them.  (I am really really wondering what is going on with Rhys and I can’t
wait to read his story!!)
          The sex scene in this book, was written in such a way that it wasn’t what I consider crude, but artfully done.  There was just the right amount of heat, and it was almost as if you could feel the passion between Xxidea and Dante.
          There is a lot of different characters that are in this story; Goddess’s, Priestess’s, Demons, Mediums, Incubus’s.  The list keeps going on with the different paranormals that are mentioned in this book.  With that wide of a cast of characters, if you are interested in paranormal at all, there is bound to be something for you in this book.
          The twist at the end of the book was OH MY GOSH!  I didn’t see that coming at all!  But I won’t say anything about it because it will give away part of the book.  You will have to read it yourself!
          I personally cannot wait to start reading the next book in the series!!
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3 thoughts on “You Burn Me, By S.A. Price

  • Camilla Nielsen

    Sounds really good! How do you feel about the length of it? I just looked it up on goodreads and it says that it is only 101 pages. I tend to not be so fond of the shorter stories, just because I feel that it is really difficult to have a good plot and proper character development within such a short story…

    – Camilla

  • Crystal's Many Reviewers Post author

    I think that it could have been longer, but one thing that I am giving it points for is the fact that although it is a shorter story, there is already a second book out, and a third on the way. So some of the characters that were just mentioned in this book, you will get more details about them in later books.

  • Stella Price

    Thank you So much for the review Crys! So glad you liked it. The book itself is 60k words, and in print its actually 217 pages… So I dont know where Goodreads gets pagination from…

    JUst an Aside, the characters mentioned in this book… Feyd, Ashlyn, Arcady… they have their own books already out, called the Eververse series. Actually ALL the books we have written interweave, except Something Darker, which is its own universe. But in the (X and Dante) Universe theres several series already out:

    Eververse: Sugar and Sin,Bargain by Starlight, Silk and Steel, Frost and Flame, Masquerade

    The Duvall Inc. Series: The Assassin, the Djinn and the 100 Year wish, Things a Djinn can do, A very Djinn Xmas, London for the Holidays

    The Elemental Dragons: Fire in His Eyes, Deep Water

    The American Satyrs Series: Of Crimson and Collars, To Collar and Keep.

    The Knossos West Weresnakes: Beyond the Vision of Dreams (The lead singer of Whispers Her Name's Book), Surrender in Moonlight, A Gift of Daybreak, Entwined by Fate

    Playing the Odds(Supernatural Gamblers):Playing The Odds, Double Down (Coming In June)

    Shorts Related to the series: Hot Rio Nights, Astoroth: Her Final Sin.

    I know.. a lot. And theres more coming after Winter's Book…

    Basicially that was a long winded way of saying that While the Story is "Short" theres plenty of others in the same universe to read to get the broad scope of it all.

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