Wild Child, By Shelley Munro

***This books does contain a relationship between step-siblings.  If that is something you are not comfortable
reading, this is not the book for you.***
            This is not my normal type of book to read, but I found it on NetGalley to read and give my honest review.

After realizing his attraction for his step-sister, Matt does the one thing he can do, he moves away so that he does not give into temptation.  But Zoe has a different idea because she is tired of hiding her feelings towards him, she follows him.  Trying to do the responsible thing, Matt tries to stay away from her, but that doesn’t last
because he does give into temptation.

             I only had 2 small complaints with this book; the first one is how quickly Matt gave into his feelings for
Zoe.  It seemed as though the years that he had forced himself to stay away from her didn’t matter anymore.  He went from being standoffish to having a relationship with her overnight.  I wish there had been more of a struggle on his part to not give in.  The other thing would be the character development wasn’t that in-depth.  It was almost as
though the sex parts of the book took over the characters.
             I understand how some people are against step-brother/sister relationships, but I did like the fact that the
author had thought to include other people’s reactions to their relationship, not including Matt, Zoe and their parents.
She included Matt’s friends, coworkers and his boss.  It gave it an almost real life perspective on it because that is something that couples such as Matt and Zoe would have to
deal with.

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