Twisted, By Rebecca Zanetti

            Being the only wolf living with vampires for the past decade, has caused Maggie to be cautious when it comes to being around other wolves.  Especially a certain wolf named Terrent, who the only time that Maggie remembers meeting him, he demanded she move back with the wolves.
But what Maggie doesn’t realize is that Terrent knows her, from before her rescue and before she lost her memories.
            The past decade has been hard on Terrent, knowing that his mate is alive, yet she doesn’t remember him.  Knowing that she is safe with the vampires he continues to fight the war.  However
after a decade, the only thing he wants is to have his mate back with him.  But can he convince Maggie that they belong together?  Or will outside forces succeed in keeping them apart?
                When it comes to writing about werewolves, because so many people are writing about them, it takes something special to make one werewolf book stand out from another.  I think that the twists that Rebecca put in this book were really well done.  She was able to separate her book from the rest of the “normal” wolf shifter books.
                The only real complaint that I have about this book is the length, it seemed really short in my opinion.  When I had reached the end of the book, I kept checking to see if there were more pages.  I believe that if the book had been longer, there could have been more development done on the plot and story line.  It seemed like you realize that a  fight is about to happen, and then the next page it is over with.
                Besides the length complaint that I have, overall I do have to say this was a good read for a Sunday afternoon.  I would read things written by this author in the future for sure.
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title is not released yet, it is due out on June 20th, 2013)
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