Touching Deuce, By Lynnette Bernard

      Discovering at a young age that her touch could cause people pain, Gracie had accepted to herself that she would just live a life alone.  With her friends and family around her, she was as happy as she could be.  Although she wanted to be touched, she didn’t want to put anyone through the pain of her touch. 
      Deuce has always loved Gracie, even as children.  But he has kept his distance because he wanted her to be happy.  Finally deciding to throw caution to the wind, he makes his move for Gracie, but he wasn’t prepared for her fears that
she hurt him.  Every time that Gracie has touched him, it didn’t bring pain, it brought happiness.
      Trying to work through her concerns with touching, and him trying to learn how to open up more, both Deuce and Gracie begin to grow together as a couple, as mates.  Realizing that they can both help each other, they realize that by helping each other out in their lives, makes them both happy.
      I have enjoyed reading Lynnette’s books since I have found her as an author a few months ago.  It is amazing to read a romance, which is about the romance and not the games that are played in some of the books out now.  In her books, she writes about real love, the type of love that lasts.  She has the ability to make the reader wish they were living in the towns that she has created.
      As with the first book in The Cowboy Mate’s series, there is some BDSM in this book.  However there isn’t a large amount that takes over the book as a whole.  These books focus more on the love between the mates, as opposed to focusing on the BDSM aspect of the story.
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