To Seek a Master (Black Lace) By, Monica Belle

          When a stranger helps make Laura’s fantasy become a reality, she is brought into a world where she’s unsure of
what will happen next.  While reading different books, Laura realizes her desires to be punished for things she has
done.  She wants someone to have that control over her to issue the punishments when she is required them.            It all started with an email, demanding her to do something.  The Controller, as the person called themself, then proceeds to give her orders, and she of course follows them.  Without knowledge of who the Controller is, Laura believes that one of her co-workers could be the one sending the emails.
Falling into a world where she is unsure of what to except next, she finds out that the person she thought was the Controller wasn’t, and when they finally reveal themselves, she is shocked completely.
            I really love books that have the “story within the story” such as this one.
Laura was reading another book, but instead of just saying she was reading another book, they included excerpts of the book she was reading.  To me that helped get you more into the story because you could find out what had affected her.  I also enjoyed how The Controller explained to Laura the different reasons as to why she could be the way that she was, instead of just ignoring her questions.
I liked how he went through step by step what he excepted of her, and explained it all to her, instead of just assuming that she would know right away what he wanted.
            My only 2 complaints would be how it was easy for me to figure out early on who the Controller was, but I did enjoy how it wasn’t confirmed to quickly in the book itself.  The book over all was a slow read for me as well; there wasn’t really any part that made me not want to put the book down.
            Over all I would give this book a 3.5 stars because it did have a good plot line, there were some parts that made
me laugh.  I liked how educational it was as well.

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