The Immortal Scrolls, By Kristin Secorsky

          Sometimes authors can use too many details that will confuse a reader, that wasn’t the case for me in this book.  In this book, I didn’t think there was enough details and information in it.  I loved the plot line for it, and I really
think that overall the basic idea for this story was a great one.  The author used some different types of characters in this book that haven’t been used as often as others.
          The book was approximately 165 pages long and I think that the author could have made it even longer.  In my opinion, I thought she rushed certain parts of the book that could have been expanded upon.  It seemed as though she was trying to cover too much ground at once, which caused the book to seem rushed.  I do admire her for using such a wide variety of characters; I just wish we could have had more information about them.
          As I stated before however, this book would have been a complete 5 stars, for me, if it wasn’t as rushed as it
seemed.  Because of that reason alone is why I rated it the way that I did.  I have hopes that the next book this author comes out with is not as rushed as this one.  But overall I would give her another try before deciding completely if I would read her novels again.
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