The Genius and the Muse, By Elizabeth Hunter

          Some say, to understand the present, you have to understand the past.  Sometimes you can be too close to the past to understand what happened, and you need a stranger looking in to be able to see what happened.  When you are too close to a problem, you can never really see what is going on.  You are focused on the aftermath, you don’t think about what caused the problem.  What if all it took was one person, asking that one question, that would cause you to change your entire view on something.  What if all it took was one picture to help move past something so horrible, and onto something that was so amazing, everyone would be jealous and wanting it as well?
          Nobody can ever understand the way a person’s mind works, but sometimes there is that one person, who just by looking at them, you can understand what they are thinking and wanting.  But what happens when you lose that
person?  If you are defined as being with someone and you are suddenly by yourself, where does that leave you?
          Sometimes there is a love that is so true, no matter what happens, it will always work out.  And sometimes, you have to fight for that love.
          While reading this book, it showed an insight into the different characters.  It showed how the actions of one person, could affect the one’s surrounding them without even realizing it.  With Elizabeth’s ability to switch from the past perspective to the present, without leaving the reader confused, she was able to give more to the story, instead of taking away from it.
This book is a romance, but not your typical one.  It shows love in a variety of ways.  It shows that all types of love, for people and for art are amazing in their own ways.  How sometimes, all you have to do is work past your fears, take that first step towards what you know you want and you will be able to grow.
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