The Demon’s Song, By Kendra Leigh Castle

          What had started out as a finding
mission with her friend, Sofia certainly wasn’t excepting for her world to be
turned upside down.  But after finding
her friend being attacked, by a vampire, and of course the sexy musician with
wings and a sword, Sofia’s world was changed. 
As if that wasn’t enough, after finding out that she was being stalked
on purpose, she is then brought into the underground, where she finds out even
more of the world she didn’t know existed.
          Phenex was one of the Fallen Angels,
the Angel of Song, and when he first met Sofia something inside him
stirred.  Unsure of what it was, only
knowing that he had to keep her safe, he volunteered to be her bodyguard.  Guarding her was supposed to be just that,
but feelings that he wasn’t sure about came creeping to the surface. 
          With acts of revenge threatening the
world that Phenex has vowed to protect, he has to decide what is more important
to him.  Will he give it all up to keep
Sofia safe, or will he be able to persuade her to join the darkness to be with him?
          This is the first book by Kendra Leigh
Castle that I have read, and all in all I have to say that it was a pretty good
read.  The world that Kendra was able to
create showed a lot of her imagination, and you could tell that she put a lot
of herself into it.  This was a different
view on the world of the Fallen Angels, and I did enjoy reading this.
         My only real complaint would be that
there was a lot of information that I wish she would have included.  For instance, in the underground world, she
brought werewolves, witches and fae’s into the story line.  However, there was only one spot where she
mentioned them.  I wish she would have
broadened the story to include the different creatures that she had mentioned.
         I do understand that this is the first
book in her new series, and I do have to say that she left it enough in this
story that keeps you wanting to know more about the other Fallen Angels, and
find out more about them. 
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