The Burn List, By Stan Stamper

            Hell has no fury like a woman scorned.  Add to that mix a brother who was a Navy Seal, and you have a combination that nobody would willing go against.  But there is always that one person, who thinks they can battle anyone and win.  When it comes to the mob, you start to wonder, who would win that battle?  The woman scorned or the entire force of the mob?
            John, with the help of his sister Annie, takes on the mob.  Hitting them where it hurt the worse, so that
they could have some idea what pain they had caused Annie.  Planning ahead, John hires Mitsy, a doctor,
along the trip to ensure that Annie will be under constant watch.   Having Mitsy on board does more than help Annie;
it helps John realize he can fall in love as well.
            With the lives of everyone in the balance, can John and Annie win the war against the mob, or will they end up burned?
            If you read through my reviews, you will realize that this is not my normal type of book.  However once I started reading this book, I couldn’t put it down!  The twists and turns that Stan was able to incorporate into this novel, it kept me on my toes the entire time!
            The characters were so well written, it was almost like Stan knew them in real life, with the details and
descriptions that he had put into them.  The plot line was so well, I couldn’t help but get pulled into the world
that Stan was able to create.
            I have recommended this book to many of my friends, and I will continue to as well.  This book not only shows the love that a woman has for her husband and child, but also the love of a brother for his sister.  It shows the lengths that a brother will go to ensure his sister’s happiness.
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