Scarred, By J.S. Cooper

          Everyone has their secrets, even the
town’s golden boy, Bryce Evans.  The
question is though, will those secrets hold him back on living the rest of his
life, or will he be able to be stronger than them and move forward?  And what will happen if the secrets he holds
cause him to lose someone he cares about?
          Lexi Lord has a few secrets of her
own, and some of them will ruin people if they are found out.  The one secret she holds closest though is
that while Bryce was deployed, she was the one writing him letters.  But when Bryce comes back home, it seems as
though all their secrets will come to light.
          Will the life that Lexi has dreamed of
having actually happen, or will the secrets that both of them have tear them
          I have always been a sucker for the
high school crush books, where after they grow up they find each other and it’s
all happily ever after for the two of them. 
(I’ve always rooted for the underdog!) 
With this book, what attracted me to it were of course the secrets,
wondering what the secrets are that they each had.  But at the end of the book, I think that I
had more questions than answers.
          While this is the first book that J.S.
has written that I have read, I do admit that she seems to have a different
writing style that what I have read in the past.  However it seems to work for her, especially
in this book.  One complaint that I have
with it is that when she switches the POV’s, at first there is no real distinct
change, and it isn’t until you read a little bit into the chapters you realize
whose POV she is using.
          Another thing was, and I do understand
that there is a second book in the series, it seemed as though there were many
unanswered questions.  For instance, what
was in the note?  And what other things
happened to Eddie?  I was really hoping
for more closure in this book, before moving onto another book. 
          All in all, I have to say that I will
read the sequel to this book, because I really want to find out what happens!!
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