Run Wild With Me, By Sandra Chastain

            Being a drifter has allowed Sam the chance to see around the world, but the one place he wanted to see the most, could bring painful memories to light.  Trying to find his grandmother’s house, in hopes to drink lemonade and eat cookies on the swing with her, he finds out that she had died before he even got there.  Just because his grandmother is gone, does that mean that Sam won’t finally settle down?
            Andrea was use to the small town she grew up in.  Even after leaving it, she came back to stay.  Filling in as police chief, when she responds to a call she didn’t expect to find Sam at the house.  She certainly wasn’t excepting the reaction that she had towards him.  But the fun of small towns causes the rumor mills to fly, can Andrea find the truth in the stories, or will she just accept the rumors as the truth?
            Having grown up in small towns, I really did enjoy the way that Sandra was able to incorporate the way that small towns are.  If a stranger stops in, everyone knows about it, and they start with their rumors as to what that
person is doing there.  I also liked the way that Sandra was able to describe the characters, you could tell their different personalities and you could also “see” the way they stood in the town.
            I have previously read one of Sandra’s books, and I had mixed feelings about this.  However after reading this book, I do have to say that I like Sandra’s writing style.  I would continue to read her books in the future.
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