Rescue in the Smokies, By Becca Jameson

        Being a wolf shifter has its advantages, and the Durham brothers’ use some of those to help others.  If someone is lost in the woods, they are the first people that the sheriff calls in tracking them down.  So when the sheriff stops and asks for help again, it should just be a normal day in the woods for them, shouldn’t it?
        Sergius Durham was ready for almost anything, but in taking a whiff of the clothes the sheriff brought, he wasn’t ready to find his mate.  With the knowledge that his mate was in trouble, Serg took off to find her.  But along the way he runs into a strange scent, one that he has smelled before, the vampire who likes to cause problems.  All he can think and hope for is that the vampire didn’t harm his mate.
        An experienced hiker like Juliana shouldn’t get lost in the woods so easy.  After running into a strange man who told her about a shortcut, she becomes even more lost than before.  Unable to figure out what is going on, when Serg shows up in the cave, she wonders about the reaction she is having towards him.  She shouldn’t be having those feelings towards a stranger, but she can’t stop herself.
        As if accepting that Serg and his brothers were wolf shifters wasn’t hard enough, now Juliana finds out that vampires exist as well.  And that one is after her.  But what can happen between Serg and Juliana when the vampire is trying to come between them?
        I have been a fan of Becca’s since the Wolf Master’s series, and I will be honest, I was back and forth as to if I wanted to read this book, since it wasn’t part of the Wolf Master’s series.
Obviously curiosity did get the best of me and I bought the book, and I haven’t regretted it since!  The way that Becca is able to create another world about wolf shifters was amazing. 
        I also enjoyed the way that she introduced the brothers into this book, and it leaves you in hopes that there will be more books to come.  Becca has the ability to create the different worlds, draw you into them and keep you wanting more with her writing ability.  The way she writes the different  characters, you can’t help but to feel for their emotions.  When they are scared and upset, you are as well.  (At least I am, and I hope that I’m not alone
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