Purgatory Series By Eliza Gayle

 The Club Purgatory Series,
all novella’s, yet such a great insight into the workings of the club and what
they have to offer!
          Watching Leo and Quinn for weeks does nothing but put more flames on the urges that Katie has.  While they tie up woman after woman, all she can think about is if they will tie her up.
Finally it seems as though her wish will come true, but it is all that she expected or will it be more?
        Although this novella is short, which all novella’s are, the introduction into Club Purgatory was done in such a way that you can’t help but want to find out more of what happens in the club.  Eliza writes in such a way that I could actually feel the emotions that Katie was feeling during the course of this story.  I really enjoyed the twist that
Eliza had put into the book, because it completely caught me off guard!  All in all I think it’s a great start to a new series.


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          Hiding behind a mask is the only way
she can get the man’s attention that she wants.
Emerson is willing to do whatever it takes to get his attention, to get
him.  But when he finally realizes who is
behind the mask, will he stay or will he leave?
        I really enjoyed reading this book, because it took you on
the adventure of finding out if Emerson would get her man.  During the course of this book, I was on pins
and needles waiting to see if the outcome would be what I wanted it to be!  Eliza didn’t let us down in this second book
of the Club Purgatory series.
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          A Dom who is looking for his submissive and a submissive who is trying to get her life back on track.  After first seeing Cass, Walker has come to realize that she is the submissive that he wants, but can he win her?   Cass is worried about losing who she has become because of her past; she doesn’t want anyone to get close to her again.  Will the Dom be able to show the
submissive it’s worth the risk, or will the submissive teach the Dom a lesson?
        While reading this book, I did enjoy how Cass was able to show her strength, instead of just following into the arms of Walker.  I enjoyed how Eliza went into the details of their pasts, and was able to give you a better understanding as to why Walker
and Cass are the way they are.  Another great book added to the Club Purgatory series.
This book is currently $2.99 US
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          Sometimes the fire can burn deep, but all you need is a person there to put out the flames.  Obsessed with fire, Ruby does whatever she can to be close to it, even investigating them.
But one man seems to make the fire inside her keep going.  Zane tries to show Ruby that the fire she has for him, he has for her as well.  Taking the leap into the flames, Zane risks everything to be with Ruby, but can she handle the heat?
        Fire fetishes are one of the most dangerous fetish’s that is out there, and I really enjoyed how Eliza was able to explain how serious the risks are that run with it.  She shows that all fetishes are safe, as long as you know what to do.  In the course of this book, Ruby learned that just because she has that fetish, doesn’t mean she has to live without the fire in her life.  I enjoyed the characters in this book, and even after reading it, whenever I think of fire fetish, this is the first book that comes to mind!
This book is currently $2.99 US
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