Purgatory Masters: Tucker’s Fall, By: Eliza Gayle

            Some people claim that you never forget your first kiss, and in Tucker’s case that is true.  He can’t get the kiss that he shared with Maggie almost 15 years ago.
            After trying to hide from his past and desires, Tucker comes out of his self-imposed exile, and visits Club
Purgatory again.  Realizing that he doesn’t want to ignore these desires anymore, he starts to wonder about the one woman he wants as a submissive.  The fun of small towns is everyone knows everyone’s business.  Ever since hearing that Maggie is back in town, she’s taken over his thoughts, and she’s the one he wants.
            Returning home after scandal, all Maggie wants to do is heal her wounds.  But it seems as though life has other plans for her.  After being stuck in a snowstorm, Maggie is rescued by the one man she hasn’t been able to get out of her mind for 15 years, Tucker.  Being around him brings out her natural urges and desires and she can’t help but lose herself in him.
            The secrets of Tucker’s past come back to haunt him, but what will he do, let go of the past and move onto the
future?  Or let the past overtake him completely?
            After starting to read this book, I couldn’t put it down, I didn’t want too.  Tucker’s story was able to pull me in to the point where I wanted to know more.  The tease of more to come was done just right to where I wanted to know more.  Eliza was able to draw you into the story, and keep you there until she was ready to let you go.  I really
enjoyed how there were “real life” situations that happened as well.  It wasn’t just a “boy meets girl and they
live together forever” story.
            Eliza has already teased us with the workings of Club Purgatory with her series of short novellas, and with this
book she was able to draw you more into the club, and wanting more.  There was enough mystery left in this book
that it makes you want to read more, and wishing the second book was out already!
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