Night Dreams, By Sandra Chastain

            While growing up, Kaseybelle has always been there for Shannon.  Starting as her imaginary friend, and then
when she was an adult she helped launch Shannon on a career in advertising.  As well as becoming a cartoon star, only the best for the fairy princesses.  After being blackmailed into meeting Jonathan Dream, Shannon is there to find out what she needs to make her boss happy and then go back home.  
            Jonathan will do anything to make his daughter smile, even if it means bringing a fairy princess to his mountain.  But he wasn’t excepting Shannon to show up, or the reaction that he would have to her.  Living in the past with the weight of the past on his shoulder, he doesn’t believe he can ever do good for anyone. 
            Will Kaseybelle be able to bring her fairy magic to the mountain and help make Jonathan and his daughter smile?  Or are fairies just a figment of our imaginations?
            When I had started reading this book I was really excited to find out what had caused Jonathan to bring Shannon to his sanctuary.  However after getting into the book, I was more excited about DeeDee’s recovery than the romance that was happening between Jonathan and Shannon.    I think the author has a good writing ability, I enjoyed when certain things happened, like when Shannon realized who Kaseybelle was modeled after.
            The love scenes in this book were done tastefully in my opinion.  The author left more for the imagination as opposed to putting in a large amount of details.  I believe this book would be a great “rainy day” book, where you just want something to brighten up your day when it’s all gloomy outside.
            I will read another one of the author’s titles, because it could just be this title wasn’t a great fit for me.  I would still however recommend this book to my friends.
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