Music of the Heart, By Katie Ashley

                Who would have known that following into someone’s bed would then turn into a weeklong bet?
Abby certainly wasn’t excepting to fall into Jake’s bed, any less than Jake was expecting to be woken up by an Angel.
But like people say, everything happens for a reason, what could the reason be that Abby and Jake end up meeting?
                A minsters daughter and a bad boy rock star would be an unlikely pair.  Either they would be worse enemies, or they could be the best of friends.  It seems with Jake and Abby; they bring out the worse, and the best in each  other.  When life butts into the weeklong romance, will their new love be able to stand the test, or will it shatter into pieces?
                I personally have a lot of respect for many of the authors out there today.  It seems as though one story plot  gets a lot of attention, and then all the stories you read seem to be about the same topic.  In the case of this book,
however, the author was able to make this story her own.  She was able to write this story without it seeming like many of the other books out there.
                She put her own separate touches into the book, and they were different than anything I have read in the past few months.  I really did enjoy reading this book because the feelings and emotions that were written were done so well that you couldn’t help but enjoy it.  The one thing that I didn’t like about the book was how it ends.  If you didn’t know there was going to be a second book in the series, then you will not like the ending.  It left you hanging way too much, in my opinion.
 There is one line out of the whole book that has stuck with me, and I completely believe that if you read a book but there isn’t one thing that stuck out for you, then you didn’t enjoy the book.  I would recommend this book to my friends and family because I think it was well written, emotionally filling, and of course it has its funny parts as well.
“Do you know there’s an old
saying that for every tear you shed for someone else’s grief, it takes one off
of their suffering?”
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