Lost N Found Series, By J.M. Madden

Lost N Found Series


The Embattled Road
            With every story there is a beginning, a way the characters met each other, what happened in their lives that caused them to be the way they are.  The Embattled Road is a story such as that.  It takes you through the way the 3 main characters, Duncan, Chad and John met each other. The way their lives had evolved to where they grew together as well.
            Every war, there is the soldiers who are wounded, and even killed.  What happens to the wounded when they get sent back home from the hospital?  What can they do to take care of themselves?  Will they even be able to find a job to support themselves?
            During this story, the men’s lives have all been changed, but being able to lend their strength to each other to help through the bad times, shows what true strength is.  In deciding that he didn’t want to work for anyone anymore, Duncan brings in Chad and John in the security business.  Something that even with their disabilities, they are able to support themselves.
            J.M.’s ability to write this short glimpse into these men’s lives, how they supported each other in the hospital.  How each milestone was met and how they celebrated with each other.  She has such an amazing skill that you want to cheer along with the men as they reach their goals.  This is a great introduction to the Lost N Found series, and I have recommended it to many of my family and friends.
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Embattled Hearts
            After being wounded in combat, John was confined to a wheelchair, but he doesn’t always let that get him down.  Working at the Lost N Found that he started up with his friends Duncan and Chad has helped give John a new purpose in life.  Even though he is in a wheelchair, he is able to still help people when they are in need.
            A series of bad accidents doesn’t always mean someone is after you… Does it?  Shannon is hoping that her past hasn’t come back to haunt her when things start seeming a little strange in her house.  And it would just be her luck that the person who realizes what is going on happens to be John, the one who has caught her attention from the start of her job at Lost N Found.  She had been hoping to get his attention by baking his favorite sweets, but it seemed to take a stalker to get John to look at her in a different light.
            John and Shannon start their relationship on a different note, but when push comes to shove will John be
able to stand up for Shannon, or will he have to step aside?
            After reading The Embattled Road, I had been very “patiently” awaiting for this book to be out (OK so I was on pins and needles!).  As the first full length novel in the Lost and Found Series, I think that J.M. did an amazing job bringing the characters more to life.  She used the background she had provided in The Embattled Road, but she also used enough details that if you haven’t read that already, you could read this novel and not be lost and confused.
            J.M.’s ability to write and be in touch with the emotions that John was going through during the course of this book was so well done it made me wonder how she would be able to know all of that.  The ability to share what the  character is feeling, while not confusing the reader as well, is a great trait of a writer, one that J.M. has shown she has for sure!  I also liked how she has left little hints in the story about the future books to come.  There was enough there that it kept you wondering about what’s to come, but there was also little amount to take away from this book itself.
            And now once again, I’m “patiently” awaiting for the next book in the series to be released!
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