John’s Vision, By Lynnette Bernard 1

Can you imagine knowing exactly what your soul mate looks like from a young age?  Knowing that you will end up with this person, you will have a future with them, children with them, be happy with them.  Knowing everything except when you are going to find her?  And what happens if when you find her, you know you are ready for her, but she’s not ready for you?  That she’s afraid?
John had been gifted when he was younger; he had visions of his mate, and their future together.  Yet when he finally sees her, it is obvious that she is afraid of him.  Growing up surrounded by towns people that have openly shown disgust for him and his heritage, John fears that might be the cause of her fears of being with him.
From the moment that Jamie seen John, she knew there was something different about him.  She was afraid that she would let him down because of her past issues, medical and personal.  Having come to her cousin’s ranch to get away from her past catching up with her, she tries to move past everything by herself.  A chance migraine allows John
the chance to become close to Jamie, and to show her that they are destined to be together.
A migraine, concussion, and a gun fight are not able to break up this couple, as they realize that they can count on each other for strength.  They both realize they are no longer alone, and they can move forward with the future that John had seen in his vision.
While reading this book, I didn’t want to put it down at all, I just wanted to find out if John’s visions were correct and how he would be able to win over Jamie’s heart.  With the BDSM theme in this book, it does not overpower the story line but adds more to it.  Being able to watch a young woman move past a horrible incident that happened in her past and have the future she had been told was taken from her.  It was an amazing story to read and I can’t wait to read more in the series!
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One thought on “John’s Vision, By Lynnette Bernard

  • Mary Benge

    Great book with story line. This first book set up the following characters for other books. Light BDSM very tasteful. The only complaint was not impressed with the book art cover. I felt the picture of John did not match her description of his character.

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