Gone with the Wolf, By Kristin Miller

            What happens when an Alpha Wolf realizes that his Luminary is free-spirited woman who will not take orders from anyone?  Let alone from the man she believes is destroying her dream?  That’s what the case is when it comes to Drake and Emelia.  Drake a total by the books Alpha and CEO of his own company doesn’t believe in doing things just
because you want too.  Emelia believes in living life to the fullest, no matter what the consequences.
            With a battle going on between Drake and his twin brother, and Emelia caught in the middle, he has no choice but to explain that werewolves do exist.  And since his twin had bitten her, Emelia is one as well.  But when all seems to be going great, Drake has left his protective instincts behind.  Will that cost Emelia her life, or will Drake be able to save her, in the nick of time?
            This is the first time I have read anything by Kristin, but I have to say that it was a pretty good read.  It is what I would call “rainy day” reading.  The story progressed rather quickly, but I don’t think that the author left out any details that would be deemed very critical for the book’s reading. The story did have its cute aspects; the personality that Kristin was able to create for Emelia’s character was GREAT!!!
            This book is a really good read if you are unsure if you will like paranormal romance.  The amount of time that the “wolves” are in the book isn’t over-abundance.  It would be a great starter out book.  Overall I would recommend this book to friends of mine, and I will be sure to check out and see what other books that Kristin has to offer.
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