Game Misconduct, By Bianca Sommerland

If anyone is like me when it comes to sports, you’re lucky if you can understand how they score the different games.  Yes I have been known to yell out touchdown when a basketball player scores.  (Embarrassing I know, but at least I admit it!)  I only ever knew 2 things about hockey, what the hockey sticks look like, and how violent the sport is.
I ended up getting hooked up a series written by Bianca Sommerland, The Dartmouth Cobra’s.  Although it is a book with hockey players in it, the games do not take up that much of the story!  Which was great for me, because I didn’t get lost in all the “sports lingo” that goes on with fans.  I really think that Bianca was able to incorporate the perfect amount of hockey into these stories, without the it taking over the plot completely.
Oriana is used to dealing with hockey in her life because her father owns a hockey team.  No matter what though, she can’t get past the men on the team.  There is one in particular that has caught her attention, but the question is, can she keep his attention?
While the men on the team all have “certain” desires, they all work together and show Oriana what she has been missing in her life.  When the men realize that she has certain desires that not just one man can satisfy, the men put aside their worries and Oriana learns what it is like to be loved by more than one man.
One thing that I really did enjoy with this book was the different types of “kink” that Bianca incorporated into this story.  You learn about the sadist part of BDSM, edge play, and the old favorite of Voyeurism.
This is the first book in a series, and I have to say that it has kept my attention and made me want to buy more of the books, which of course I did!
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