Dark Wolf, By Kate Douglas

** There is
M/F, M/M, F/F, M/F/M in this book.**
            In a world where shifters weren’t in hiding anymore, there is still plenty of secrets that are being kept.  People now have the choice to take the nutrients to see if they are shifters as well.  Being a shifter isn’t frowned upon like many would think, instead people are upset when they find out they aren’t one.
Things in the shifter world are going well, that is until there are murders happening, and all the signs are pointing towards the shifters.  What if it is a shifter committing the crimes?
            Lily is worried enough about keeping the peace with her job, and now with the murders being committed, she is afraid that it could be one of her friends that could have done this horrible deed.  If that isn’t enough to worry  about, after she meets Sebastian, she thinks he is her chosen mate.  The only problem with that, she isn’t sure if he works with dark magic, or even if he could be the one killing the women.
            Sebastian lived his life believing his father was dead, until the truth finally came out.  Thinking that he received his magic from his fathers’ side, he doesn’t think that he could be a shifter.  With fears of his own, and blackouts that can’t be explained, could he be the one killing the women?
            In reading this book, I liked how Kate had the world created to where the shifters didn’t have to hide  themselves anymore.  With their abilities being out in the open, they are free to be themselves.  The twists that she had put in this story will keep you on your toes and make you want for more.  Kate has the ability to write to where you could almost feel the confusion that Lily was feeling when it came to her feelings towards Sebastian.
            The sex scenes in this book were also well written, they were not done in a crude way, but in a way that was
nicely put.  I honestly think that a book can be great, but if the sex scenes are done in a bad way, that can ruin the
book completely.  Which is NOT the case in this book.
            This is the first novel by Kate that I have read, but I will be reading more of her writings in the future for sure!
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