Built 4 It, By Daisy Harris 1

book contains M/M romance**

            Not many people can say they enjoy their job, and Ben isn’t one of them. But necessity has kicked in and he needed a job.  Working with Built4 paid the bills.  Trying to do the best at his job, didn’t mean he had it easy.  Each of the steins that he had to transport caused him to hate himself a little more.
            Out of the entire stein’s, he couldn’t keep his eyes, or thoughts, away from Kee, the alpha.  There was  something about him that kept drawing his attention towards him.  The only life that Kee knew was in the cage.
Being strong for the others, he would put on his brave face; even after his lover was taken from him.  There was
something about Ben that kept his attention and had him watching.  Watching the “tee vee” allowed Kee to learn
English, and when the time was right, he would show Ben what all he had learned.
            At first when it came to reading this book, I was apprehensive because it’s the third book in the series and I haven’t read any of the prior books.  I was really glad that I was able to follow the plot even with starting books into the series. 
            The author made sure to put enough details in the story that made sure you had ample amount of background to understand what was going on.  I enjoyed the little things the author drew attention too, such as when Kee was learning to speak, and how it took several times for him to say the words before he had them correct.  I also liked the details she put into describing Ben and his feelings towards his job.  You could tell the anguish that he had for his actions.
            Overall I was pleased with the story, especially because it has a different set of character than what is the fashion now.  The author is able to bring in different readers who are just looking for something a little different.  I wish the author would have explained what the steins were for; all that was stated was for experiments.  But what kind?  Where they trying to cure a disease?  That question is still with me now.
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