Billionaire Kink, By Virginia Wade

     In desperate need of funds to keep her free clinics open, Gretchen makes a deal with James to ensure that the clinics will have the money to continue running.  The deal isn’t what most would consider normal, and it takes her some time to decide if she will accept.  The James wants to watch her have sex, but he gets to choose with whom.  If she wants the funds, this is the only option she has right now, so she agrees.
     There are many different things that she experience’s during this time.  But the one thing she wants, she can’t have, or can she?
     Although there were parts of this book that were amusing, there were also parts that didn’t make sense to me.  And of course there were parts where I was just shaking my head in shock.  I have complete mixed feelings about this book, and this is one of those books that you would have to read yourself and make your own opinion.
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