A Table For Three, By Lainey Reese

            Riley knew that moving to New York was going to change her life, but she didn’t have a clue as to how much it was going to change.  Who would have thought that going to a bar would have changed her life as well?  Just wanting a chance to explore the city, and ending up in a club where she meets Cade was amazing enough.  But then add Trevor to the mix, and she thinks she’s dreaming.
            Cade and Trevor have been best friends their entire lives; they share everything, including women.  Both of them have almost given up on finding the perfect woman for the both of them, but Riley changed that.  Cade was happy with the businesses he was running, and Trevor was enjoying running his rec center, but of course they felt like something was missing, but Riley was able to fill in that spot.
            With all the happiness that was going on between the three of them, the darkness was larking in the shadows
threatening to upset the happy trio.  Will the new relationship be able to survive the darkness, or will the
darkness consume them?
            Riley, Cade and Trevor’s characters were so amazing it was almost like they were based upon real people.  In my opinion, this book is very fast paced, but it wasn’t a bad thing!! I know that some people do not like books like that, but in the case of this book, I think it worked out great!  Lainey was able to keep my attention to the
degree where I couldn’t put the book down.  Even after I had finished reading it, I have went back several times and
re-read it again.  The only real complaint that I have a bout the book was it was over to quickly!! I kept wanting to read more about Riley, Cade and Trevor!
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