A Needful Heart, By J.M. Madden

This book surpassed any ideas as to what I thought it would be like. I will be perfectly honest and say that I wasn’t sure about reading this book because it didn’t seem like my normal type of book. But I love J.M. Madden’s “Lost and Found” series so I figured I would give this book a shot, and let me say this I WAS NOT DISAPPOINTED!!!


There are many books out there where the female is an abuse survivor, but there are few that have the male is the abuse survivor. However, J.M. made this book an amazing one with how well it was written and how it showed a man’s obstacles in overcoming an abusive past. It also showed that the way you look, doesn’t always mean that you’re a “big scary” person.

Matt always believed that because of his past and size, that he would never be able to be happy with anyone.  But that didn’t stop him from having a crush on Gina.  After a series of events, including broken bones and railings for stairs
Matt realized that he could love someone, and that someone could love him. Gina was able to look past Matt’s appearance, the rumors about him and find the real Matt and help him realize that just because he had an abusive past, that didn’t mean he deserved to be alone for his future.  Even though Gina is klutzy, she managed to fall in love with Matt, and that was one place she was happy to have fallen to.
The way that J.M. wrote the characters, show such an amazing insight into their lives.  You were able to feel the characters pain, their happiness and fears.  Her ability to connect in her writing with characters such as Matt, show how amazing of a writer she is.
I can’t wait to see what else J.M. has to offer us!!
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