Susannah’s Saviors, By: Lynnette Bernard

After getting completely hooked on this series after reading Laurie’s Loves, I couldn’t wait until we got Susannah’s Saviors!! You can read this book as a standalone, or you can read the others before it, Laurie’s Loves and Babies for Nikki.

If you read it as a standalone, it is still an amazing story. It’s the story were you are holding out that Susannah will still get her happily ever after, but you are worried that she will not. This book shows that even after many many years apart, that undying love that people have for each other, will not go away.

If you have read the prior books, and you are like me, you have been curious as to what happened with Drew and Carter.  They have had their hints dropped as to what happened, however this story is what tells it all.

The book starts out with when Susannah, Drew and Carter first become a bonded triad.  It follows through with what happened that caused Drew and Carter to walk away.  Even after the years that have passed, Drew and Carter haven’t given up on Susannah.  It wasn’t until they were about to walk away from everything, that she comes back into their lives.

During the course of this book, you watch as they become in touch with their triad feelings again, and they learn how to accept what has happened to them in the past, and watch as they move into the future together.

One big thing that I do love about this series, yes it is about werewolves; however that is not what the stories are based upon. It is not like your “average” shifter romance. These books are more about the people who are the wolves, instead of the wolves who are people.

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Susannah’s Saviors Excerpt!

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