Secrets and Lies, By Joanne Clancy 1

After I had started reading this book, I couldn’t seem to put it down until I had finished it. This book was an amazing first book of a series; it was well written and the information given about the different characters was done in such a way, you couldn’t wait to read more to find out what happens next.

The way that the author was able to describe the different aspects of the characters lives, without seeming overbearing with the details was amazing. She was able to tell you just enough to leave you wanting for more.

During the course of this book, you learn about 2 completely different women’s lives, and how one act has affected them both. You learn about how the women met their husbands, and how their lives have changed. It also shows some of the hardships that the women have been through in their lives, like many of us have in our lives. It touches on some important topics, but without over powering the book

The ending of this book has definitely left me wanting to read more of this series.

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