Redemption, By Joanne Clancy

The final book in the Secrets and Lies Trilogy was just as amazing as the first two books.  The author continued with her ability to draw you into the book, and makes you want to read more until you find out what will happen.

This book opens with both Kerry and Hope’s dream come true, however they both realize that they are sharing the dream with each other instead of with who they wish they could be.  During the course of the book, the women realize that they could be helping each other, instead of arguing.  They help each other face the hardship that they are going through, and end up coming out stronger in the end.

Once again, there is a twist in this book, and it makes you wonder what is really going on in the books.  However, this twist can be easily explained and it does become explained before the end of the book.

This book shows that no matter what, love will last through everything, even with the love of complete strangers, a person can pull through events they didn’t believe that they could.

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