Laurie’s Loves, By Lynnette Bernard

After reading this book, it had me hooked into this series because of the characters and because of how well written it was.

I loved how Laurie wasn’t your “bottle blonde wanna be model type”, by her description she was just your average woman. This book showed that even though the woman was an older woman, she was still able to find love, and in Laurie’s case, loves.  The author even went to the detail as to show the challenge that Laurie faced upon realizing that she had feelings for both Jace and Jackson.  How the men were able to show her that it was normal for her to have the feelings for both men as she did.

This book was a great start to a new series!  I really enjoy how Lynnette was able to draw you into the future books of this series by leaving you with little details as to what is going on in others’ lives.  Yet those details do not take away from the story at hand.  She is able to keep you coming back for more, with just a few simple teases.

 Here is the link to Lynnette’s website where you can read the excepts for Laurie’s Loves!

Laurie’s Loves Excerpt!

This book is currently for sale on Amazon for $5.38 US Dollars, but to me its completely worth it!

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